Ezybin is an online platform that simplifies waste management via tech-based solutions that offer real-time booking and in-house inventory management. Over the past 3 years we have worked with Ezybin to design and build digital products within their ecosystem with the aim of making life and business easier, and sharing what works.







The products we have designed and built for Ezybin include their Internal Business Management Dashboard, Customer-facing Websites and the design and direction of a Prototype to facilitate off-shore development - this turned into building the product ourselves with our partners Supermarket.

Management System Research

We helped Ezybin create a tech-based solution that offers real-time bin-booking and in-house inventory management for skip-bin businesses. The innovative solution is designed to streamline operations and optimize efficiency. Our engagement covered user research, UX, UI, facilitating offshore development and eventually a transition to onshore development.

Design System

Creating a Atomic design system is an important part of our process as it helps streamline both design and development. The Ezybin design system has gone through many iterations but has always retained a public style approach; straight-forward and functional UI. Selections and filters became visual anchors of the mapping component and informed the design language throughout the brand as a whole.

Dashboard features

Features include powerful mapping, functional job cards, powerful search, payments and reporting systems. The map acts as the homepage of the dashboard where the operations manager can see jobs in real time while assigning drivers, managing payments and sorting jobs (by new, pending, ready for pickup and completed).

Mapping and Search

Mapbox powers the operational live mapping system, allowing the user to operate in real time and see the progress of all deliveries pick ups. Algolia is used for the global and page specific search allowing for results to be displayed instantly and the targeting of contextual lists within the system.

Marketing Website and User Resources

Ezybin needed a customer facing website to highlight the features of the management system and to help drive sales once launch. They also needed a place to house tutorials and user resources, this included a comprehensive UX piece of work making sure each feature and component of the site had guides to serve both first time and experienced users.