Sarah Cottier Gallery


Sarah Cottier Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Sydney. They have a vast archive of exhibitions, artists and artworks - and it continues to grow. Our challenge was to archive this content within a functional and considered website.


Sarah Cottier Gallery


New Association



The site was designed by their in-house team and we brought their design to life. The build incorporated 5000+ individual artworks across 300+ exhibitions over 8 years. This quantity of data ruled out traditional content management systems with their individual “posts” and lack of bulk editing. In a limited budget we suggested Airtable which acts more like a spreadsheet and can be used with Gatsby to source data.

Image Management

Images were hosted on Uploadcare for swift delivery and loading. This solution meant that the data migration took hours rather than months. This drastically reduced the cost for the gallery. It also had the added benefit of replacing their costly gallery management program.

Airtable Database

The gallery now uses the same Airtable database to store the details needed for every artwork to facilitate the day to day running of the gallery. This includes sale price, purchase price, current owner and warehouse location. What started as a web project turned into a vast consolidation of their digital logistics.